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'An amazing experience for anyone who loves zombies!'
Matthew Hughes


'I went in a civilian, I came out a fighting machine, this experience had changed my profoundly. The undead are not safe.'


'Really fun! The zombies were amazing they really went all out!'
Maya Turay


'Absolutely quality, my hearts still pounding! Cheers!'


'Great evening. Lots of shocks, scares and sarcasm. Highly recommend.'
Paul Damer


Frankie Cocozza – X-factor


'Really great day! Was so much fun but a bit scary! Loved it.'
Emma Roberts


'Fantastic day! Great fun, would definitely reccomend to friends!'


'Great real life experience worth every penny! Will come again!
Anoy Mackray


'Had an amazing time- Just the right mix of being terrified and really fun!'


'A very good experience and very good value for money, would come again!'
Nicholas Fillippone


'Bloody brill!'
Natasha Fura


'Great day out! Impressed with staff participation and enthusiasm 10/10!'
Stuart Higson


'Great experience! Loved every second!'
Duncan Knight


'Friggin AWESOME! Did not expect it to scare me as much as it did!'
Andrew Couyer



Contact us on 033 033 38085 for more information on our London Zombie Experience or visit www.zombieslondon.com for more information.



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