Zombie SWAT FAQs 

Zombie SWAT Training



What time should we arrive?
Please arrive promptly, at the time stated on your booking confirmation. We do not allow late entry to the experience and no refunds can be given.


What weapons will I use during the experience?
Zombie SWAT Training includes use of airsoft weaponry. Blank fire guns may be used by the actors and weapons expert during the experience.


Can I film or take photographs during the experience?
No, we do not allow photography or filming during the immersive experience. There may be photo opportunities before or after the experience, but we cannot always guarantee this will be available.


Will I need to buy extra ammo?
No, there are no hidden fees in the experience. The ticket price covers everything you will need. All ammo needed for the experience is included.


Is there a viewing area?
There are no viewing areas and due to the immersive nature of the experience we cannot allow those not participating into the main arenas. However, we are always happy accommodate reporters or photographers who have confirmed media spaces beforehand.


What facilities do you have?
We have toilets and showers onsite. We also have lockers available at £1 per use.

How scary is it?

Zombie SWAT Training contains gore, big scares and plenty of blood! Some parts of the experience are carried out in pitch black darkness and there are moments you may be in small, confined spaces. But we aim to make the experience accessible to everyone and can accommodate different tolerance levels.


How physical is it?
Zombie SWAT Training can be quite physical with weapons training, as well as military style activities such as an assault course.

Contact us for any inquiries about accessibility and specific needs.


Are there any health risks to be aware of?
Our experiences are scary! We would suggest that our events aren’t suitable for those that are pregnant or those with heart conditions.


How many people do I need to book?
We have a maximum of 20 players for Zombie SWAT Training. You can book onto a public session as a smaller group with no issue. If you have a larger group then please speak to our bookings team as we can organise a private session for your group.


Can I pay/book on the day?
Zombie SWAT Training has limited availability. All bookings must be made and paid for in advance.


Do you offer a group discount?
We may be able to offer discounts to large parties booking during off-peak times. Please inquire with our bookings team for a quote for your party size.


How soon can we book the experience?
Zombie SWAT Training gets booked very quickly, sometimes months in advance. Please inquire with us by calling 0330 333 8085 or check the website for available dates.


Which credit cards do you accept?
We accept most debit and credit cards. We also take payment through PayPal and over the phone. For AMEX customers, payment must be done over the phone by calling us on 0330 333 8085.


Is there a minimum age?
Players must be at the least 14+ years old in order to take part due to the use of airsoft and paintball. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult.


How long is the experience?
The experience lasts approximately 2.5 hours with a photo opportunity at the end of the experience.


What happens when we arrive?
You will be registered and asked to agree to and sign a scare disclaimer before you take part in the experience.


What should I wear?
For Zombie SWAT we suggest something comfortable and easy to move in and old trainers or boots. You will be given a SWAT coverall to wear over clothing.




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