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London Paintball Equipment

London Paintball Equipment

Our paint has been specially selected for indoor use. As a result, it breaks on contact which minimizes impact and makes the game safer and more enjoyable.

Tippmann FT-12 Flip-Top .68 Caliber Marker:

This modular, streamlined Tippmann reduces faults with its flip-top system, meaning you can wreak havoc without worrying about dirt or debris blocking your barrel. The aluminium receiver and ergonomical grip makes the FT-12 easy and comfortable to use and with the integrated fixed sight the accuracy is unbeatable with this marker!


You will be issued with a full face mask which will protect your eyes, face, and ears. Lenses are replaced on a weekly basis to ensure the best clarity and integrity.


Bunker 51 offers the best safety equipment available. As standard you will be issued with full fingered armoured gloves, padded hood for your head, and full coveralls. Armoured vests are inclusive in all packages.


Half finger armored gloves, permitting easier access to the trigger.


Full finger armored gloves, giving full protection.



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