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Q: Does Paintball hurt?

A: Bunker 51 London Paintball uses high quality paintballs that break easily on impact. This minimizes the pain involved in playing paintball, making it friendly to more sensitive players.

Q: Does Lasertag hurt?

A: No. The lasers used in laser tag guns are low-powered, they will cause no more harm than shining a torch at someone. The laser tag vest will vibrate slightly to register a hit, but no more strongly than a mobile phone.

Q: Can we bring our own paintballs?

A: No. For safety reasons, and to ensure a consistent level of play, only paintballs purchased at Bunker 51 can be used.

Q: Can I bring food and drink?

A: No. Drinks and snacks are available on site, and food can be arranged up to a week before your event. We have in-house catering with an extensive range of menus available on request. If you have any special dietry requirements please contact us in advance of your booking.

Q: Is there a viewing area?

A: No. Due to the enclosed nature of the two gaming arenas we are unable to offer a viewing area, however non-playing customers can relax in our waiting area and interact freely with players between games.

Q: What facilities do you have?

A: Our current facilities include a private function room, on-site catering and on-site bar (when ordered in advance with your booking), free car parking, changing rooms and hot showers.although we do not have a ladies shower.

Q: What if I forget something?

A: Bunker 51 provides coveralls to reduce any dust/dirt/paint on your own clothing. We also have a range of footwear that can be borrowed for the duration of your session. We can also provide items such as shampoo, towels, socks, etc. to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Q: Is paintball too violent for children?

A: No. Bunker 51 aims to make paintball fun and suitable for everyone aged 12 and over. We are sensitive to the concerns that parents may have, and therefore we have specially designed games that are child friendly. In addition, the velocity of our markers and the paintballs we use drastically reduce the impact force and therefore any pain involved. For younger children or those who are worried about any aspect of paintball, we recommend one of our exciting laser tag packages instead – all the fun of paintball with none of the mess!

Q: Does Airsoft hurt?

A: Most of the time you won't feel getting hit as you'll be kitted in protective clothing, close up shots will sting a little, but it doesn't hurt as much as paintball!

Q: Can I bring my own Airsoft gun?

A: The limit at Bunker 51 is 328 fps, and The Airsoft sessions are ran by Wolf Armouries. Please contact them on 02072840001 to find out more!

Q: Will you fill my HPA tank?

A: We can not fill your own tank unfortunately for insurance reasons, instead you'll need to use ours!

Q: What should I wear for Airsoft?

A: We recommend loose clothing and trainers. We supply all safety gear including mask, coveralls, gloves, and a snood. We also have trainers on site that you can borrow for free. We recommend you bring an extra pair of socks.


Q: How many people do I need to play?

A: The minimum group size is 10 people, but if you have fewer you may be able to join in with another group.

Q: Can I pay on the day?

Bookings need to be made and paid for in advance. We cannot guarantee space for anyone who hasn't paid in advance. If you would like to add players to your booking on the day then please call ahead and check there are spaces available.

Q: Do you offer a group discount?

A: We do offer discounts to larger groups who book in advance.

Q: How soon can we book a game?

A: As long as we have availability we can take bookings up until the day before the event and on some occasions even on the same day. However, the further in advance you book, the more likely you will obtain your preferred session.

Q: How many paintballs do I need?

A: The average player uses 500 paintballs, but you are in complete control. Use as many or few as you want.

Q: Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Solo, Maestro and American Express

Q: How much does it cost to play Paintball?

A: This depends on how many paintballs you shoot. Our individual packages start at £25 per person for our Off-Peak Bronze Package, with up-grades and additional rounds available to purchase on the day.

Q: How much does it cost to play Junior Paintball

A: This depends on how long you would like to play for. Our individual packages start at £16 per person for our Off-Peak 1 Hour Session.

Q: How much does it cost to play Laser Tag?

A: This depends on how long you would like to play for. Our individual packages start at £16 per person for our Off-Peak 1 Hour Session.

Q: How old do I have to be to play?

A: Players must be 12+ years old to play paintball, 8+ to play Junior Splatmaster Paintball, or 6+ years to play laser tag (Very small 6 year olds may have difficulty wearing our laser tag equipment, so if unsure please contact us). Players under 18 must have a consent form completed and signed by an adult present on the day.

Q: What’s the maximum group size for paintball?

A: Our standard sessions have a maximum of 25 players, but we can take much larger groups and we run the games as tournaments.


Q: What time should we arrive?

A: You should arrive 30 minutes before your session so you can get kitted up and sit through a safety briefing. This ensures you have the full amount of session-time to play on the field.

Q: Will there be an instructor with us?

A: Yes. You will have at least one marshal with you the entire time. Our marshals are highly trained with many years of experience to make sure you have a fair and safe game.

Q: Do we play with strangers?

A: We require a minimum of 10 players to open a new game session. If your group has less than 10 players, you will have to join in with another group. If your group has between 10-20 players, you may be required to join in with another group. We cannot guarantee insular games for groups of less than 20 players. If your group has 20 or more players, your group will have a private and exclusive game.

Q: How long is the session?

A: All of our paintball sessions are 2 hours long. Junior Paintball and Laser tag sessions last either one or two hours, depending on which package you have booked. However, we cannot guarantee the full duration to any players who arrive late.

Q: How many games will we play?

A: Games last 10-15 minutes, depending on the game type or scenario being played. You will have the duration of your session (1 or 2 hours) to play as many games as we can fit in.

Q: Will I be able to see who I shot in my laser tag game?

A: Yes. After each game your score will be uploaded into the computer and a scorecard generated. Your marshal will read out the scores and hand out printed scorecards for you that show who shot who, how many times you shot, your accuracy and overall ranking in your team.

Q: Can I bring my own paintball equipment?

A: Yes as long as you are a UKPSF member The equipment will be checked by a grade 1 marshal and your marker will be chronographed to the site velocity.

Q: What should I wear for paintball and junior paintball?

A: We recommend loose clothing and trainers. We supply all safety gear including mask, coveralls, gloves, and a snood. We also have trainers on site that you can borrow for free. We recommend you bring an extra pair of socks.

Q: What should I wear for laser tag?

A: We recommend loose clothing and trainers. We supply coveralls to go over your clothing, and optional helmets.

Q: Do you sell grenades?

A: No. We don't use grenades on our site.

Q: Where can I park?

A: There is plenty of free street parking around the venue available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Download Under 18s Paintball Consent Forms here”

Under 18s Paintball Consent Form

Download Adults Paintball Consent Forms here”

Adults Paintball Consent Form

Download Under 18s Laser Consent Forms here”

Under 18s Laser Consent Form

Download Adults Laser Consent Forms here”

Adults Laser Consent Form



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