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Trapped in a Room

Locked in a room, with a ZOMBIE! FAQs

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie FAQs


What happens if the Zombie touches me?
Don’t get touched by the crawling zombie! If you get touched by the crawling zombie, you will be required to sit and no longer will be permitted to search for clues, but you can still participate verbally. The zombie is chained to a wall and may not roam freely, but the chain is released another foot every five minutes so you better be quick at putting together the clues, solving the riddles and finding the key that will set you free, otherwise you will be zombie bait.

How many cast members are in the show?
The experience is written to allow up to 10 people in the room at once. Trapped operate public-style escape rooms which means you may be in a show with other people you do not know. But, everyone is on the same team working together to escape and not get eaten. If you wish to have a private session, you are required to purchase all ten spaces.

Can I have more than ten players?
If you have a private session, it may be possible to extend the game for upto twelve players. However, this comes with a warning that the room may be a bit tight for this number of players.

How long will it take?
This depends on how much smarter you are than a zombie! If you do not find all the clues and solve the puzzles that unlock the door within 60 minutes, you will be eaten by a zombie and we will have to remove your body from the room. Allow one and half hours for the entire performance for instruction time and a solution explanation.

Is there somewhere to leave my belongings?
Your belongings will be securely locked away in the briefing room during the experience.

Will I really get eaten if I don’t escape?
Cannibalism has been outlawed since 1804, so the Zombie is not legally permitted to eat you.

What should I bring with me?
Your inner Sherlock Holmes and all the sleuthing skills you can muster! The answers to the clues, riddles and puzzles are all in the room. You will be using your ability to look for clues, figure out logic, communicate with the other performers and apply deductive reasoning to escape. Don’t give up! Keep searching for clues. You are going to have to work fast!

Can I participate if I am pregnant?
WE DO NOT RECOMMEND this show for women who are pregnant, or children under the age of 8 years old. INFANTS will not be allowed into the room, zombies don’t like baby food.

Are mobile phones permitted?
Cell phones are not allowed to be used in the room. The use of electronic devices or any outside tools are strictly prohibited and you will immediately be removed from the show if you attempt to use them.

What happens if I arrive late?
The door to the room closes exactly at the time you signed up for. Please arrive 15 – 20 minutes early to make sure you are there before the room is locked. You will not be permitted into the room if you are late. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

How old do you have to be?
The minimum age for this experience is 16+. The game can be customised for younger players 8 to 16 but it must be a private session (all 8 tickets purchased) and we’re informed in advance.

Can I schedule a private show for just our group?
To reserve an entire show for your group, you need to purchase all 10 tickets at once. Please contact us if there are no show times available with 10 tickets and we will create a special show time for you.


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