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Do you offer walk on sessions?
Unfortunately not. You can book onto a skirmish from our partners, Wolf Armouries. Check here to see when their next skirmish day is.

How old do I need to be to play?
Ultimate Airsoft is suitable for players aged 12+ but players under 18 must be supervised by an adult.

Can I bring my own gun?
Yes you can!

Can you license my gun?
Please contact us (manager@ultimaterecreation.co.uk) regarding licencing.

Can I hire out my guns through you?
Unfortunately not, it’s best to speak to our friends Wolf Armouries or Airborne Airsoft about this.

What is the FPS limit at your sites?
The limit for our sites is 318 ft per second.

How many players do you need to open a session?
We need at least 10 players – booked in advance.

Do you have lockers?
Yes we do! Lockers are available for £1 hire. Please bring a coin with you.

Does Airsoft hurt?
The power of Airsoft guns are limited to 1J in the UK. This is approximately 328 fps with a 0.2g BB. Generally speaking, BBs hurt less than paintballs as they weigh a lot less. It is often recommended that players wear full face protection, with some sites allowing players to use glasses only at their own risk.

Can you use sniper rifles at the venue?
Sniper rifles are not currently permitted.

Can I bring box mags?
Box mags are allowed at our Bunker 51 site.

Can I use two-tone guns?
Yes you can!

Do you recommend full facial protection?
Yes we do, due to the close quarters full facial protection is recommended, though not compulsory, and this can be hired from us on the day.

Can I still play if I have a group of less than 10?
Yes you can! You will need to join an existing session though, but the more of you, the more fun!

Can I bring my own smoke grenades?
Unfortunately we cannot allow the use of smoke grenade or flash bangs on the site as it’s an indoor arena.



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