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What is UKARA?


United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association.


"UKARA was formed as a response to the drafting of the Violent Crime Reduction Bill in 2006 which later became an Act of Parliament.


UKARA is an association of UK Airsoft Retailers brought together to protect themselves from prosecution and enable a safe method of selling Realistic Imitation Firearms ( RiF's ) to the largest of the permitted purchaser groups in the UK, Airsoft Players."


The Village Whitechapel ("Ultimate Airsoft London") is a UKARA registered site.


To become a UKARA registered airsoft player you are required to take part in three games at the same UKARA registered game site over a minimum of two months, e.g. the third game being 56 days or more after the first. You must be over 18 years of age and be able to provide some form of identification such as Passport, Drivers License or Bank Statement.






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