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Vertigo 5D

Come down to Star Command and experience London's only 5D simulator! In our 5D simulator you get to choose short films from our huge range and see it come to life with 3D glasses, a moving platform of seats and smoke, bubbles, water and wind effects






5D Cinema 5D Cinema
5D Cinema
5D Cinema 5D Cinema



Who is Vertigo 5D suitable for?
6 years old and over


How many people can go on at a time?
Up to 4 people.


What range of movies do you have?
We have 25 movies in our range and you can choose from comedies, adventure, action, horrors and roller coasters. Please click the link to see all movies


How long are the movies?
Average movie length is about 5 minutes. However the length varies among movies. Please check the movie description for the exact length.


How much does it cost?
A single ticket is £5 each or a group ticket (4 or more tickets bought at once) is £4 each. Ticket prices are the same online as they are at reception.


Can I pay with credit/debit card?
Yes you can.


Do I need to pre-book tickets?
Not at all, just come along whenever you want and our staff will be able to help you buy your tickets.


If I have bought a voucher when can I use it?
Yes, you can redeem all vouchers at reception upon arrival.


Can I go on 5D World if I’m pregnant?
5D is not recommended for pregnant women.


Do you have disabled access?
5D World and Star Command Laser Tag is located on the ground floor of the building and is easy to access for wheelchair users.



We also have a range of retro arcade machines for you to play! These include: 

  • Sonic Allstars  (Basketball) 
  • Tekken 6 (Fighter)
  • Super Bikes 2 (Racing-Sit-on Bikes) 
  • Boxer (Sports)
  • Aliens Extermination(Shooter)
  • and Air Hockey!


To see what films we have click here






5D Cinema 5D Cinema
5D Cinema 5D Cinema




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