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Vertigo Arena


Immerse yourself in a virtual reality gaming world and interact with it like never before! With two gaming stations available, you can explore the virtual world with your friends or take a journey alone.

VertigoARENA has the very latest and carefully selected VR games for you. We have 4 categories to suit any level gamer. From casual, simulation, action and extreme.



Our application allows players to take full control of their experience uninterrupted by the outside world. Have VR literally at your fingertips using HTC Vive.


You can experience the future with games like Raw Data, or even visit a medieval fantasy land in Elven: Assassin.


We have up to 20 VR game at any time in our library. These are constantly updated with gaming trends to deliver an unrivalled and unforgettable virtual reality experience.


The games list:

Arcade Saga
Audio Shield
Belko VR: An Escape Room Experiment
The Body VR
Cosmic Sugar
Eleven: Table Tennis
Elven: Assassin
Fruit Ninja
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
The Lab
Raw Data
Serious Sam
SmashBox Arena
Space Pirate Trainer
Surgeon Simulator
Tilt Brush
Waltz of the Wizard




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