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Vertigo VR


Experience the latest virtual reality experience with Vertigo VR. Walk among the dinosaurs, glide through a futuristic cityscape or race through unexplored terrain. Vertigo VR uses the latest Oculus Rift technology with a Oculus Rift headset paired with a body motion machine. Choose from a variety of exciting and adrenaline-fueled experiences, with options available for all ages.








Level 1

• Dinopark
• Skateboard Extreme
• Crazy Race

£8 pp

Level 2

• Giant Swing
• Motorcross
• Faster Than Wind


£10 pp


Level 3

• Christmas Story
• Adrenaline
• Tower on the Island (Age 15+)


£12 pp


We also have a range of retro arcade machines for you to play! These include: 

  • Sonic Allstars  (Basketball) 
  • Tekken 6 (Fighter)
  • Super Bikes 2 (Racing-Sit-on Bikes) 
  • Boxer (Sports)
  • Aliens Extermination(Shooter)
  • and Air Hockey!


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